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7thonline|The Power of Integration

Corporate demand planning solution

Complete Control to Power Your Omnichannel

7thonline's Corporate Demand Planning supports each business unit with their planning needs.

For wholesale clients, we focus on the variables that affect individual accounts. For DTC clients, we focus on the store level. 

Using both? Our Corporate Demand Planning integrates your DTC and Wholesale needs seamlessly, powering your business across all channels with full control.


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Corporate Demand Planning Specific Applications

Merchandise Planning

Merchandise financial planning is particularly important for retailers in seasonal product categories, where merchandise has a limited shelf life. Without a properly developed merchandise plan in place, retailers could find themselves with stock-outs and/or overstock situations which will lead to reduced margins, lost sales, and markdowns.

Replenishment Planning

Our replenishment application makes sure your distribution centers and warehouses always have the precise amount of product needed to satisfy demand. Whether it is minimum order quantity (MOQ), week of supply (WOS), or maximum inventory levels, you set the parameters and the rest is automatically done.

Assortment Planning

Instead of outdated approaches such as static clustering or the "wedge", we help you maximize selling potential by reverse engineering clusters: the system goes down to the lowest level -- style/color/size/by location/by week to analyze historical data, to correct for lost sales, and to recommend optimal buy.

Embedded Forecasting & Reporting

Gain insights into selling trends with industry-specific forecasting. Easily analyze and compare historical sales, in-season performance, system forecasts and user projection on one screen.

Support your omnichannel strategy

The Frontier For Profitability

All In Your Control

Robust Corporate Demand Planning & Execution To Support Any Omnichannel Strategy

Gain corporate demand visibility for greater inventory productivity and lower financial risks

Channel-specific capabilities to maximize profitability for brick-and-mortar, eCommerce, domestic and international wholesale operations

Enable planning of overlapping seasons for global accounts

Support multiple regional account plans for deep insights into local opportunities

Allow multiple forecasts and comparison to drive greater production accuracy

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18 years of

Highlights of Our Corporate Demand Planning Solution

We have the know-how you need.

Standardize and centralise your demand planning process

A leading luxury apparel manufacturer has been able to centralize and standardize its demand planning processes across four continents with our Corporate Demand Planning solution

Blue Print

A multi-billion dollar company with a portfolio of the world's most coveted brands was able to increase its revenue by 3.5 times seven years after they implemented our Corporate Demand Planning solution

Increase total revenue with our corporate demand planning solution
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One single truth for all clients in planning information

7thonline’s clients gain visibility across the board. Management can easily access local planning information across all accounts, account groups or regions.

Connecting Dots

Interlinked For Global Demand


For the first time, your brick-and-mortar, ecommerce, wholesale and global teams can collaborate on a single platform. Your corporate planning teams can now ensure alignment between your global merchandising strategies and regional consumer demand. Planning, design, merchandising, finance, supply chain, marketing and sales is finally one.

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