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Direct To Consumer

7thonline|The Power of Integration

Direct To Consumer Solution

Coherency Through and Through

7thonline’s solutions were designed to have 24/7 accessibility, scalability and a single of version of the truth across all geo-locales. Each of the accelerators below contribute to the efficacy of our total offering.

DTC Specific Applications

Merchandise Planning

Merchandise financial planning is particularly important for retailers in seasonal product categories, where merchandise has a limited shelf life. Without a properly developed merchandise plan in place, retailers could find themselves with stock-outs and/or overstock situations which will lead to reduced margins, lost sales, and markdowns.

Item Level Planning

Stay ahead of the game with your inventory management by planning at the item level. You can now determine whether you need to replenish certain items or whether you have enough stock to last for a specific period of time.


Departing from traditional approaches such as static model stock or allocation by cluster, we help you drive products to stores where it can reach the highest selling potential.

Assortment Planning

Instead of outdated approaches such as static clustering or the "wedge", we help you maximize selling potential by reverse engineering clusters: the system goes down to the lowest level -- style/color/size/by location/by week to analyze historical data, to correct for lost sales, and to recommend optimal buy.

PO Requisition

Our PO requisition is ideal if your company has a buyer/procurement department and wants to allow employees to request goods independently while the company still consolidates orders to vendors systematically. 


Our replenishment application ensures that each location will not be overstocked or understocked based on capacity. The system will constantly flow the product to each location based on week of supply (WOS) targets to eliminate any stock out scenarios. 

Open To Buy

Our solid OTB tool can profoundly improve financial performance. Moving off from spreadsheets, we provide you with speed and accuracy in reviewing and analyzing OTB with powerful capabilities such as system forecasting and "what-if" scenarios.

Fast Fashion Reorder

Our fast fashion reorder system combines quick response production capabilities with enhanced product design capabilities. As a result, you can design "hot" products that capture the latest consumer trends and exploit minimal production lead times to match supply with uncertain demand.

Embedded Forecasting & Reporting

Gain insights into selling trends with industry-specific forecasting. Easily analyze and compare historical sales, in-season performance, system forecasts and use projection on one screen.

More than the Cube for DTC

The 4th Dimension

A lot more than the "Cube"

Plan and execute based on all customer affinities for ultimate accuracy

Products: fashion, basics, seasonal

Location: urban, suburban, etc.

Time: yesterday, last week, last month, last year

Who and Why: gender, income, ethnicity, influencer, instagram/facebook/social media content, location on website/catalog, flash sale, promotional events, window presentation, weather, consumer traffic, and more.


SaaS and Cloud-Native Architecture

Intrinsically fast for implementation, data access, and scalability

Optimal Approach

Assortment Planning is created intelligently, automatically and optimally. It systematically generates ladder plans for every SKU down to week and store level

Systems and Environment Agnostic

Environment and system agnostic which contributes to the fastest implementation in the industry

Size Optimization

Size Optimization is an automatic, on-the-fly tool that decides the optimally sized Assortment Plan

Intelligent Seeding

Populate Merchandise Financial Plans from various sources at the push of a button

Automatic Benchmarks

7thonline’s forecasting is proven as the most accurate demand planning tool in the industry. Based on historical data, it provides planners with automatic benchmarks to utilize as-is or as a guideline for customization

20 years of

Highlights With Our DTC Clients

We have the know-how you need.

Reduce markdown through proper inventory management

Our DTC clients have reduced markdown by an average of 30% through more accurate pre-season planning and in-season inventory management

Pre season plan like a pro

Since using 7thonline's integrated system, one client in the digital retail business reduced lost sales opportunities by 15%, resulting in millions of dollars of additional sales within five years

Increase sales opportunities with 7thonline integrated system

Able to develop inventory buy plans more accurately, our clients lowered inventory carry costs by an average of 15%

Accurately develop inventory buy plans, save carry costs

A global leader in outdoor apparel grew from $700 million to $2.5 billion since they implemented 7thonline 8 years ago

We Do Long & Short Cycle Products.
And We Are Good At Both.

Replenishment Apparel Products

Consumer Electronics

Household Applicances

Consumer Packaged Products



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