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Domain Expertise & Proven Track Record for Successful Implementation
Results Delivered Quickly

Users and management depend upon successful software implementation to generate quick technology adoption and immediate delivery of business value. At 7thonline, we understand the importance of fast time to value, and we have developed our implementation methodology based on years of experience working with a diverse set of global customers. With the understanding that a customer often has a number of divisions encompassing different business processes, we work with each and every one of them to ensure individual division’s requirements are met while still maintaining the appropriate level of corporate consistency.

Implementation Methodology
Proposal & Preliminary Planning

In this initial stage, we identify the business need and provide preliminary planning to set scope for the project. The goal is to understand business objectives and requirements for the fit of the proposed solution.

Analysis & Design

We perform in-depth business analysis with user verification to ensure a detailed understanding of a client’s current system and process. This is key to identify any business requirements that must be fulfilled by the system or system changes.

We then move towards system analysis and design. In this phase, new ideas, features and design are introduced, and business process is remodeled to incorporate changes. We then complete the technical blueprints for the new system on our implementation platform.


In this phase, the focus is to complete developing and testing by 7thonline and the client services department. Relevant business teams might be included as well to validate functionality and setup in preparation for go live.

Installation and Deployment

This phase includes final testing, deployment of production system, training and associated support for the client’s roll-out strategy. When the system is running live, all enhancements are reviewed to ensure that all goals in the project plans were met with a satisfactory result.

Working with Us:

  • Analyze and Define Business Challenges
  • Improve Business Processes & Operational Performances
  • Design and Implement Cloud or Deployed Solutions
  • Leverage Industry Knowledge and Best Practices
  • Reduce Cost, Risk and Complexity of Change