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Wholesale Suite
Gain Earlier Demand Visibility for Proactive Selling and Responsive Supply Chain

Your brands see growing demand from major national retailers, countless boutiques and international franchises. How do you effectively drive sales and mitigate design and supply chain risks?

For more than a decade, we at 7thonline have been transforming the way wholesale merchandise planning impacts financial results at the nation’s leading Apparel, Footwear, and Accessories (AFA) brands. First to offer a single platform for AFA wholesale planning and execution, we help today’s leading brands gain unprecedented enterprise demand visibility across all brands, accounts and geographies. Such demand visibility serves as the central nerve system that drives alignment between merchandise strategy and financial goals, enables proactive selling, guides product development, and promotes a more responsive supply chain.

The only wholesale application catered to AFA, our cloud-based Wholesale Suite is built on best practices to support fashion, seasonal, and replenishment-based merchandise planning and execution. Unlike vendors who force fit store-based retail solutions for wholesale, we have been perfecting 100% wholesale-based solutions. As former merchandising planning executives, we have deep industry knowledge to ensure you receive the greatest return on investment.

Our customers see results:
  • Increased fill rate (up to 12%)
  • Greater revenue from proactive selling (up to 25%)
  • Reduced SG&A (up to 30%)

Global Demand Planning/OTB
Forecast and Plan Enterprise Demand

Moving off from disjointed spreadsheets, corporate planning teams can now view enterprise-wide demand on a single platform across all divisions and regions. Such visibility serves as a basis for conceptual assortment plans and helps to guide product development. Being able to effectively view, plan and forecast global demand drives greater internal collaboration with production, sourcing and supply chain. Greater alignment between supply and demand can reduce inventory risks and improve financial results.

  • Demand visibility across brands, divisions & regions
  • Align financial objectives with merchandise strategy
  • Flexible hierarchy configured for your business
  • Automatic seeding of plans from multiple sources
  • Embedded sales forecasting tailored for the industry

Global Assortment Planning
Gain Early Demand Visibility for Proactive Selling

Early demand insights from retail buyers and efficient order aggregation are twin pillars for driving greater sales and lowering production risks. Whether your business is driven by collection-based fashion products, seasonal lines, or replenishment-based basic items, we support the entire planning, collaboration, and selling process. Armed with data and insights, your Sales teams become more proactive. And order aggregation becomes a click of a button—saving hours or even days of manual work to reach production.

  • Account planning for fashion, seasonal & basic products
  • Automatically refreshed add/drop styles
  • Up to 12 forecasting versions
  • Integration with major retailer systems (Macy's, Belk)
  • Visual or analytical view of assortments

Fulfill and Aggregate Specialty Demand

Designed as an intuitive B2B shopping cart accessible 24/7 via a web browser, eShowroom does not stop at order taking from your specialty buyers. We take it a step further for major wholesale brands to efficiently aggregate orders from specialty buyers as well as major accounts for a complete view of total demand. This helps you secure advantageous production resources and drive greater order fulfillment—a clear differentiation from applications that only focus on presenting to and collecting orders from boutique buyers.

  • Intuitive B2B specialty buying application
  • Global access 24/7 via web browser
  • Customizable assortments for different buyers
  • Seamless integration and aggregation of specialty orders

Production Demand Plan
Facilitate Responsive Supply Chain

Instead of pouring over hundreds of spreadsheets, your Production team now has an accurate and dynamically updated view of total booked units for the entire enterprise on a single screen. Any changes in Assortment worksheets by the Planning or Sales teams are automatically reflected to ensure single version of the truth. Armed with the unprecedented demand visibility, your Production team can now proactively guide the supply chain and optimize production orders to achieve the best production margin.

  • Dynamically updated view of total booked units for the entire enterprise
  • View total demand by desired hierarchy
  • Analyze demand and enter production buy units based on projected units, margins, minimum requirements, etc.

Embedded Forecasting & Reporting
Actionable Insights at Your Fingertips

Instead of switching from planning and allocation applications to access analytical insights from separate reporting tools, we provide embedded reporting within the application. With an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, all the insights you need for planning and execution are now in one application, just a few clicks away.

Similarly, users do not have to use a separate application for sales forecasting insights. Our proprietary algorithms are embedded in the application to provide on-screen reference of system forecasts. Different from mainstream retail forecasting that is often modeled after stable products, our proprietary algorithms are customized to address the lifecycle and seasonality characteristics specific to AFA. Our in-house science team continues to tweak and optimize the models based on clients’ evolving business needs and industry best practices.

  • Intuitive and user-friendly reporting engine at no additional cost
  • Designed to empower business users
  • Proprietary algorithms optimized for AFA
  • Embedded forecasting for on-screen access
  • Best practice infused modeling for business improvement